Teaching Support & Learning Strategies

The Office of Education is committed to improving the educational quality at the school. Consistent with the School’s emphasis on active learning, the Office offers programs on teaching as a performing art, case-writing, and case teaching. In addition to these programs, which are offered periodically during the year, resources are available through the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning as well as other national teaching and learning centers.

Basic rules of teaching suggest that preparation is critical to a well-designed and well run course. Knowing what is coming up and how to handle various teaching opportunities help to ensure a successful course. The information located here is to assist in course planning and preparation for the academic year.  Preparation for courses should begin several months in advance of the course start date. Below are resources to assist you in this process.

Instructional Moves

A dynamic platform that provides videos on teaching practices across the university.

Harvard Graduate School of Education has launched the Instructional Moves project, an HGSE Decanal Initiative with funding from HILT. The goal of the Instructional Moves project is to assist faculty to incorporate and refine high-leverage teaching practices that are grounded in evidence-based research.

Please use this cheat sheet to see an overview of the site and locate moves that are of the greatest interest to you.


For any questions or comments regarding teaching information and resources, contact Jennifer Betancourt, Director of Educational Policy.