Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Satisfactory Academic Progress

To receive Federal/Title IV financial aid, a student must be considered to be making satisfactory academic progress as defined in the HSPH Student Handbook. As such, the student must:

  • maintain a GPA of at least 2.70;
  • satisfy academic degree requirements as defined by the academic program;
  • complete at least 50% of the attempted credits during the evaluation period. Attempted credits are defined as any credits for which a student has registered in a given semester;
  • complete degree requirements for graduation within 150% of the normal time allotted for students in similar situations:

The maximum time for which financial aid can be received is:

Degree Full-Time Student Part-Time Student
One-Year Masters (MPH, SM1) 3 semesters 6 semesters
Two-Year Masters (SM2) 6 semesters 12 semesters
Doctorate (DPH, SD) 10 semesters 20 semesters

Failure to satisfy these requirements will result in a Financial Aid Warning. A Financial Aid Warning shall consist of one additional semester of eligibility subsequent to the period in which a student failed to meet the conditions for Satisfactory Academic Progress. Once the Financial Aid Warning period has expired, if a student is still failing to make Satisfactory Academic Progress, that student will lose financial aid eligibility.

A student who has lost financial aid eligibility may appeal the decision to the Office of Student Financial Services. Any appeal must be based on extenuating circumstances and contain written documentation verifying those circumstances. All appeals are granted at the discretion of the Office of Student Financial Services. If an appeal is granted, a student will have one semester of Financial Aid Probation. If at the end of the probation period a student has met Satisfactory Academic Progress, that student’s full eligibility will be restored. If at the end of the probation period a student has not met Satisfactory Academic progress, that student’s eligibility will be permanently revoked. Only one appeal is allowed during a student’s degree program.