Scholarship Opportunities

The Office of Financial Aid is committed to assisting students meet the cost of a Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health education. However, the school has limited scholarship funds and may not be able to fully meet each student’s needs. Please use the sidebar to explore all scholarship/grant funding opportunities.

There are a variety of factors in determining financial aid. The definitions below will assist students in understanding the ways that financial aid can be determined. One or all of these factors may be considered when awarding financial resources.

  • Merit-Based: This type of award is determined based on academic potential and excellence. Student merit can be determined based on a combination of factors such as work-related experience, prior degrees, grades, test scores, the personal statement, and recommendation letters.
  • Need-Based: This type of award is determined based on a combination of factors such as income, assets, prior loan debt, and family contributions. Student need is typically determined based on the completion of requested financial aid applications.
  • Need-Merit Based: This type of award is a combination and considers the most meritorious students with the highest need.
    • Restricted: Restrictions can be based on such criteria as residency, research interests, citizenship, occupation, and degree. Please review any restrictions regarding grants, scholarships, or fellowships to determine qualifications that may be restricted based on the request of the donor.
  • Diversity: Underrepresented minorities and students from developing countries.