7 Cambridge Center
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142

Other Affiliations

Professor, Harvard FAS Center for Systems Biology
Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
Institute Member, Broad Institute
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute


Dr. Sabeti’s lab focuses on developing new analytical and genomic methods to study evolutionary adaptation and genetic diversity in humans and pathogens, with three current research foci: (1) Identifying and characterizing the underlying adaptive changes that have shaped the human species over time; and (2) Investigating genetic diversity in pathogens such as Lassa virus, Ebola virus, Zika virus, and Babesia microti, towards improved diagnostics, surveillance, and interventions, and (3) Developing novels tools to detect and diagnose microbes causing human morbidity and mortality.


B.S., 1997, M.I.T.
M.Sc., 1998, University of Oxford
D.Phil., 2003, University of Oxford
M.D., 2006, Harvard Medical School