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The Crimson Chronicle is the PDA’s newsletter, managed by the PDA’s Editor-in-Chief. The Crimson Chronicle allows HSPH postdoctoral fellows and research associates keep abreast of the latest developments in the PDA. New issues are emailed to PDA members and distributed at PDA events.

*NEW*   Science Communication Competition   *NEW*

Dear HSPH postdocs and research associates,

Are you a connoisseur of communication? An expert in expression? An artist of visual abstracts? A sorcerer of spectacle?  Or did you just make a really cool figure for a poster this year? If yes, you could see your awesome science communication featured in the Spring edition of the Crimson Chronicle, and win a copy of Kieran Healy’s new book, Data Visualization.

Guidelines: Eligible figures are any visual communication of research results or science concepts that you produced in the last year. Entries should be scalable to fit in a 6″ by 6″ space, and if they’ve previously been published, make sure you have the rights to reproduce them. Like any good figure, they should be understandable on their own. Otherwise, any visual science communication is eligible: a cartoon explaining genetic risk scores? A slide that clarifies selection bias? A really great Western blot? A beautiful visual abstract? Send them along!

To enter: send an email to with the subject line “Science Communication Competition” and your entry as an attachment. The winning entry will be selected by the PDA Council.

Deadline: May 15, 2019

Good luck!

Mollie Wood
Editor, Crimson Chronicle
On behalf of the HSPH PDA Council

The Crimson Chronicle

The Postdoc Post

Before research associates were part of the PDA, the PDA’s newsletter had a different name.