Sites of Note

Selected Links

Interview for Only One Chance by Dr. Philippe Grandjean:

Chemical Brain Drain – This site accompanies Dr. Grandjean’s book Only One Chance and provides updates and comments on environmental chemicals that can damage brain development in children

Children’s Health and the Environment in the Faroes – The CHEF site provides information about prospective studies of birth cohorts from the Faroe Islands, where exposures to seafood contaminants, such as methylmercury and PCBs, are increased.

Environmental Health: A Global Access Science Source – This open access, online journal publishes papers on all aspects of environmental and occupational medicine and related studies in toxicology and epidemiology. Dr. Grandjean and Professor David Ozonoff are Editors-in-Chief.

Department of Environmental Medicine, University of Southern Denmark – Dr. Grandjean’s other academic affiliation. He is a Professor and Chair of this department.