Program Overview

Dear Prospective PHL Lab Student,

We are excited about your interest in the Public Health Leadership Lab!  We encourage students from all HSPH departments and academic degree programs to participate.  The PHL Lab program explores self-awareness through reflection, leadership skills, and teaming.  We cover topics such as leadership and followership, visions and values, conflict resolution, difficult conversations, power and privilege, and working in teams.  Through these topics and experiential learning, we focus on translating theory into action.  We are also looking for students who are committed to both learning the theory and putting that theory into practice.

This year, our program offers three different options that vary in commitment: Workshops Only, Participants, or Concentrators.  Please view the chart on the right for the levels of engagement.

The Workshop Only option is open to the larger Harvard community and consists of four workshops.  Each workshop has a pre-recorded video to watch and a live integration session to attend.  Students interested in the Workshop only option must register for these sessions on our Workshops page in order to receive the video links.  You will need a HarvardKey to view the videos once they are posted.

Students who are looking for more in-depth leadership training should consider either the Participant or Concentrator option.  Both groups will complete the Fall Semester program, but Concentrators will dive deeper into leadership theory and practice by continuing with additional requirements during J-term and the Spring Semester.

Participants will be awarded an official “Letter of Participation” and Concentrators will be awarded an official “Letter of Completion” in the Interdisciplinary Public Health Leadership Concentration.  To be considered for either the Participant or Concentrator option, students must complete an online application during Fall 1.  We cannot admit new students after the Fall 1 application deadline.

With these three options, we hope that you will be able to find something that fits your learning goals and schedule.  Looking forward to meeting you, virtually!


The PHL Lab Teaching Team
(Fawn, Cathy, Perry, and Sherine)