Final Projects

Below you will find the 2016 student cohort’s final projects and presentations for the inaugural year of the Summer School on Human Rights and Development:

Aarti Reddy Krishna

  • Presentation: “Bonded Labor – A Form of Modern Slavery”

Aditya Gogna

  • Presentation: “Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Rights”

Aditya Pratap Singh

  • Presentation: “Criminalization of Peaceful Expressions – A Case Study of India”

Akshay Sharan

  • Presentation: “Freedom of Speech and Expression – A Charlie Hebdo Case Study”

Apoorva Singh

  • Presentation: “Reconceptualization of Economic Abuse of Women”

Ashima Singh

  • Presentation: “Impact of Plastic Packaging on Right to Health in India”

Chinnappa Puggeera Devaiah

  • Presentation: “The Torture of Prisoners by the U.S. Government: An Issue of Human Rights”

Dhruv Mahendra Patwari

Disha Rangi

  • Presentation: “What is the Best Model for Achieving Human Rights in a Developing State?”

Divyangi Singh

  • Presentation: “Solitary Confinement – An Introduction to Solitary Confinement in U.S. Prisons and Jails”

Gargi Katikithala

Lubhawna Choudhary

  • Presentation: “Human Rights Violations in Palestine Occupied Territory of Gaza”

Mayank Goyal

  • Presentation: “Exploitation of the Surrogates in Commercial Surrogacy”

Mrinal Agrawal

Mukul Gupta

Pratibha Rao Pinnaka

  • Presentation: “Right to Procreative Autonomy of Mentally Challenged Women in India”

Preeti Mohan

  • Presentation: “Genetic Modification and the Issues Defining the Contours of its Use”

Rishab Aggarwal

Sandeep Singh Grewal

  • Presentation: “A Review of Effectiveness of Right to Education Schemes in India – A Case Study of Mid-Day Meal Scheme”

Saumya Modi

  • Presentation: “Role of Women Combatants in Global Terrorism – Case Study: Boko Haram”

Shashwat Jindal

Shivangini Kothari

  • Presentation: “Human Rights and Football – Gender Discrimination in the Sport”

Shivani Nalwaya

Shree Maruti Kotwal

  • Presentation: “Critical Review of Child Laborers and their Employment in the Fashion Industry”

Sreelakshmi Sreekala Kurup

  • Presentation: “Gender in Conflict and Human Rights Violations”

Suhavi Arya

  • Presentation: “De-Radicalization Programs – A Comparative Analysis”

Tanishk Garg

  • Presentation: “Sex Trafficking and Human Rights Violation of Yazidis by ISIS”

Vengamamba Chintalapudi

  • Presentation: “Enforcement of Transgender People’s Rights in India”

Vivek Jignesh Rawal

  • Presentation: “Technological Advancement of Warfare and IHL”