Po-Ru Loh

Research Fellow

Department of Epidemiology

NEW (August 2017): I have started a tenure-track faculty position at Brigham and Women’s Hospital Division of Genetics and Harvard Medical School as part of the new BWH Center for Data Sciences. I will also be an Associate Member of the Broad Institute.

I will have positions available for postdocs and students with very strong computational and/or mathematical background; if interested, please send me your CV and a brief statement of your research interests.

My new website is: http://statgen.hms.harvard.edu/

I will not be updating content on this site after August 2017.


I was previously a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Statistical Genetics at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health working with Alkes Price. The broad aim of my research is to develop efficient computational algorithms to analyze very large genetic data sets. My areas of focus include (1) fast algorithms for genotype phasing and imputation, (2) linear mixed model methods for heritability analysis, association testing, and risk prediction, and (3) computational phase-based detection of pre-cancerous mosaic chromosomal aberrations. Several of my research projects have resulted in software packages now in use by the genetics community.

Prior to joining the Harvard Chan School in 2013,  I did my Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics with Bonnie Berger at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and my B.S. in Mathematics at the California Institute of Technology.


Recent and upcoming seminars:

Jan 17, 2017 – Stanford Statistics
Feb 27, 2017 – MIT Applied Mathematics
Feb 28, 2017 – Harvard Biomedical Informatics
Mar 13, 2017 – Brigham & Women’s Hospital Genetics
Mar 15, 2017 – Princeton Lewis-Sigler Institute
Mar 16, 2017 – Broad Institute Medical & Population Genetics
Mar 22, 2017 – Dana-Farber Center for Cancer Genome Discovery
Mar 28, 2017 – Boston Children’s Hospital Genetics & Genomics
Apr 18, 2017 – Broad Institute
Apr 25, 2017 – Princeton Computer Science

Selected publications [full list here]:

Reference-based phasing using the Haplotype Reference Consortium panel
Po-Ru Loh, Petr Danecek, Pier Francesco Palamara, Christian Fuchsberger, Yakir A Reshef, Hilary K Finucane, Sebastian Schoenherr, Lukas Forer, Shane McCarthy, Goncalo R Abecasis, Richard Durbin, and Alkes L Price
Nature Genetics, 2016; see also the Eagle2 software page

Fast and accurate long-range phasing in a UK Biobank cohort
Nature Genetics, 2016; see also the Eagle software page

Contrasting genetic architectures of schizophrenia and other complex diseases using fast variance components analysis
Po-Ru Loh, Gaurav Bhatia, Alexander Gusev, Hilary K Finucane, Brendan K Bulik-Sullivan, Samuela J Pollack, Schizophrenia Working Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium, Teresa R de Candia, Sang Hong Lee, Naomi R Wray, Kenneth S Kendler, Michael C O’Donovan, Benjamin M Neale, Nick Patterson, and Alkes L Price
Nature Genetics, 2015; see also the BOLT-REML software page

Efficient Bayesian mixed model analysis increases association power in large cohorts
Po-Ru Loh, George Tucker, Brendan K Bulik-Sullivan, Bjarni J Vilhjalmsson, Hilary K Finucane, Rany M Salem, Daniel I Chasman, Paul M Ridker, Benjamin M Neale, Bonnie Berger, Nick Patterson, and Alkes L Price
Nature Genetics, 2015; see also the BOLT-LMM software page

Inferring Admixture Histories of Human Populations Using Linkage Disequilibrium
Po-Ru Loh, Mark Lipson, Nick Patterson, Priya Moorjani, Joseph K Pickrell, David Reich, and Bonnie Berger
Genetics, 2013; see also the ALDER software page
Featured as the cover article of the April 2013 issue of Genetics

Compressive Genomics
Po-Ru Loh, Michael Baym, and Bonnie Berger
Nature Biotechnology, 2012
Featured in the MIT Spotlight (home page) 7/12/12