CPHL Workshops

The Center for Public Health Leadership (CPHL) trains HSPH students who aspire to become effective leaders in public health and health care, in the U.S. and globally.  The Center creates and coordinates educational opportunities for students to learn theories, models, and skills needed to understand and exercise leadership, professionally and personally.

The following is a list of workshops the Center for Public Health Leadership might offer in the 2013 – 2014 Academic year. Completion of the Interdisciplinary Public Health Leadership Concentration is not required in order to attend or participate in these opportunities.

  • Collaborative Leadership (3 day workshop): This workshop series will include highly interactive, experiential sessions. Acting as a leader and/or a follower, you will learn about your ability to influence and work in a team effectively.
  • Group Relations Workshop (2 day workshop): A real-time opportunity to observe and experiment with systemic processes – overt and covert – encountered in the exercise of authority and leadership. This workshop provides new insights on complex group dynamics and leadership competence.
  • Immunity to Change (1 day workshop): Students will unearth and overcome the fundamental often invisible forces that actively interfere with making progress on their most urgent goals. The Immunity-to-Change approach is designed to help students identify the barriers to change and guide them on a new path to accomplishing their goals. Date: February 21, 2014.
  • Leadership for Women’s Health Seminar: Dates: October 28, November 4, November 12, and November 18.
  • Power & Differences Workshop (15 hrs over several weeks): Explore new dimensions in leadership by developing the ability to work and interact in a multicultural, global world. Topics include social class, race, gender, and sexual orientation, explored through experiential learning and dialogue.
  • Story of Self Workshop (2-3 day workshop): The ability to tell your personal narrative as a way to engage others in action is an important tool for any leader. Join Marshall Ganz (Senior Lecturer in Public Policy, Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations, Harvard Kennedy School of Government) to explore how to develop and share your narrative through a dynamic, interactive seminar.

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