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HSPH-EPREP has developed a range of tools and resources to assist responders prepare for emergencies. The resources listed below are intended for use by hospitals, public health departments, and other responders.

Hospital Based Decontamination Preparedness Resources

Proposed Decontamination Capabilities for Hospitals

The purpose of this document is to suggest common capabilities that all hospitals in Massachusetts should target in their provision of care to patients who may present to their facilities after contamination with hazardous substances.

Hospital Decontamination Self-Assessment Tool

This document was developed to provide a structured critique that hospitals may use when evaluating their decontamination plans and capabilities considering current regulatory standards, recommendations from subject matter experts, and national and international best practices.

Strategies for First Receiver Decontamination

This is a collection of tactics and scalable considerations intended to assist hospitals facing common challenges planning for hospital based decontamination of patients.


Hospital Evacuation Resources

This toolkit is a comprehensive guide that hospitals can use to prepare for and execute a hospital evacuation.  It is available for download  in .pdf format either as a complete toolkit or by individual section.  Please navigate to the toolkit by accessing  the link below.

MDPH Hospital Evacuation Toolkit

Additional Resource – AHRQ Hospital Evacuation Decision Guide
Hospital executive leadership teams and emergency planners should also consider reviewing the Hospital Evacuation Decision Guide which is available from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Public Health Preparedness Archive. The guide contains organized and systematic guidance on how to consider the many factors that bear on the decision to order an evacuation. The guide may be downloaded from the link below.

AHRQ Hospital Evacuation Decision Guide



Exercise Evaluation Resources

This toolkit was designed to assist health sector emergency managers with evaluation of preparedness and response exercises.  The elements of the Exercise Evaluation Toolkit address the lack of reliable and valid evaluation tools that meet unique needs of healthcare emergency preparedness programs. Please navigate to the toolkit by accessing the link below.

Exercise Evaluation Toolkit


Hospital Recovery Resources

This document contains guidance on hospital recovery planning that is grounded in the recovery experiences of Massachusetts hospitals as well as hospitals nationwide.

Essential Functions and Considerations of Hospital Recovery