Student Leadership Circle

The Student Leadership Circle (SLC) is a student organization that develops activities enhancing leadership through the Division of Policy Translation and Leadership Development. The SLC aims to promote opportunities for students to hone their leadership skills, learn about the role of leadership from leaders in the field, and make a connection between what is learned in the classroom and real world situations. Committee members are chosen from diverse disciplines. The committee primarily works with the committee sponsor, but often will collaborate with other administrators and faculty from HSPH and other schools within the university.

Accepting New Members for 2013-2014: HSPH Students Apply!

Applications are now open for 2013-2014, to HSPH students of all disciplines. Info and application here. Deadline is September 2, 2013, by 5:00 p.m. EST.

SLCC Members of Previous Years

Students who were on the Student Leadership Circle Committee in previous years