Working paper shows COVID-19 is spiking in Red counties, flat in Blue this fall

Graph showing surge in Covid-19 in Red States; Blue States flat

A Harvard Pop Center Working Paper, “The changing political geographies of COVID-19 in the US,” shows that this fall there is a reverse in the trend from the spring, when case counts and excess death rates were higher in counties that lean Democratic. This fall, the counties that lean most Republican are experiencing a spike in cases and death rates, whereas the rates in counties that lean more Democratic are relatively flat. More about this research is reported in The Washington Post on October 16, 2020.

“The redder it is, the more it goes up. The bluer it is, the more it stays flat.”

Nancy Krieger, lead author of working paper
The Washington Post article “U.S. tops 60,000 daily coronavirus infections for first time since early August”