Terms and Conditions


  1. The Sloan Fellowship on Aging and Work is a two-year, residential postdoctoral fellowship program.  Fellows’ salaries for 2020-2022 will be $65,000/year. Sloan Fellows also have an array of benefits, services, facilities, and discounts available to them. Health insurance—individual and family plans—are substantially subsidized by the University. Relocation funds of up to $5,000 are also provided. The Sloan program follows Harvard’s policies with regard to reimbursing relocation expenses. Relocation expenses are taxable per the recent changes in the tax laws.
  2. Fellows are expected to live locally and complete the two-year program on-site.  If a fellow desires to be off-site for longer than two weeks, the fellow must discuss it with the Center director in advance.
  3. The focus of the fellowship program must be on training and research. Fellows will be allotted a budget of $12,000 upon arrival to be used for research and work-related travel over their two-year stint. These monies can be spent on: research assistance (personnel), purchasing datasets and materials, the costs of professional membership dues, and travel to work-related conference/events/meetings. In addition, up to $2,000 may be spent on the purchase of a laptop/desktop/tablet for work-related projects. Policies regarding hardware purchases will be provided at orientation at the start of the program.
  4. Each Sloan Fellow is expected to develop, present, and carry out a work plan for his/her tenure. This will serve as the blueprint for achieving the goals set forth in the fellowship. The development of the plan should be done with input from either the Center director or the Fellow’s primary mentor.
  5. During the academic year, each Fellow is expected to attend the Thursday Social Demography Seminars and the Friday “work-in-progress” seminars. It is expected that fellows present at one of those series.
  6. It is expected that the fellows will establish and/or join working groups at the HCPDS, as well as participate in Center activities including the monthly postdoctoral fellow meetings.
  7. Sloan Fellows are considered full-time employees (1 FTE); therefore, participants who have a paid appointment at another institution must be granted an unpaid sabbatical or terminate that affiliation during the two years at HCPDS.