Sloan Fellows on Aging and Work








Kyle Albert is a sociologist whose research interests focus on organizations, professional work, and inequality. His mixed-methods dissertation work and subsequent publications examine the growing phenomenon of professional certification programs in the United States. Kyle’s research finds that certification and other professional development activities tend to disproportionately benefit younger workers and those entering a new occupation, posing a challenge for organizations serving the human capital needs of an aging workforce. As a Sloan Fellow, Kyle researched the phenomenon of self-employment in professional labor markets, examining the ways in which practitioners differentiate and legitimize new businesses at different stages of the life course. He also built upon his dissertation work by examining changes in professional association membership and revenues over the last few decades, shedding light on why many professional associations have invested in new activities, such as certification programs, despite facing a significant drop in membership. Kyle earned his PhD in sociology from Cornell University. (Kyle is currently assistant research professor at the George Washington University Institute of Public Policy).

Headshot of Yulya TruskinovskyYulya Truskinovsky is an economist who studies aging and health economics, with a focus on how family responsibilities influence women’s physical and economic well-being over the life course. She holds a PhD from Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy, and an MA from Tufts University. Yulya’s dissertation examined the effects of a federal policy that can be used to compensate older women for providing grandchild care on women’s long-term outcomes and retirement security. As a Sloan Fellow, Yulya studied how early- and mid-life experiences and outcomes— including fertility, marriage, and caregiving—impact work- and health-related outcomes at older ages, with a particular interest in how the interaction between family and public policy drives these outcomes. (Yulya is currently assistant professor of economics at Wayne State University).