A historical approach to validating racism as a key determinant of health

David Williams standing next to granite wall at Harvard Chan School

The February 2022 issue of the journal Health Affairs takes a deeper look at racism and health. Harvard Pop Center faculty affiliate David Williams, along with co-author Ruth Enid Zambrana, contribute to this piece on how the past four decades of scholarship, along with some more recent insights, have helped to highlight why racism needs to be part of the “national discourse on racial inequities in health.”

Social scientist David Williams says COVID-19 is a call to action for a ‘Marshall Plan’ for disadvantaged communities

David Williams headshot

The Chicago Sun Times reports on a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation teleconference with Professor David Williams, PhD, during which he explained how the coronavirus is bringing to light the health disparities that “reflect longstanding policies that have created pervasive social and economic inequalities in the United States.”

A holistic research framework: Factoring in role that discrimination may play in child and adolescent health

David Williams standing next to granite wall at Harvard Chan School

Harvard Pop Center faculty member David R. Williams, MPH, PhD, and colleagues have penned an editorial in JAMA Pediatrics that prescribes the inclusion of discrimination (including race/ethnicity, immigrant status, sexual orientation, religion, and disability status) in the health research of an increasingly diverse population of children and adolescents.

Study finds police killings of unarmed black Americans negatively impact mental health of black Americans in general population

Faculty members Alex Tsai and David R. Williams are among the authors on a study in The Lancet that utilizes novel data on police killings of black Americans to reveal the spillover effects on those living in the same state. Learn more in The New York Times and on the study website. Photo: Stephen Melkisethian on Flickr

Article explores how election of Trump might negatively affect health of “targeted” groups

An article co-authored by David R. Williams explores how past “dramatic societal events” impacted the health of vulnerable, marginalized groups, and offers suggestions to health care providers on how to best mitigate the negative impacts that are likely to result from this recent election. The article appears in The New England Journal of Medicine. Learn more from this piece in the press.  Also covered by Refinery29, and New York Magazine. 

Pop Center faculty share insights into U.S. health inequalities in Harvard Gazette’s series on inequality

Pop Center faculty members Amitabh Chandra, PhD, Ashish Jha, MD, Ichiro Kawachi, MD, PhD, Joshua Salomon, PhD, SV Subramanian, PhD, and David Williams, PhD, are among the Harvard scholars cited on health inequalities in this Harvard Gazette article, the fourth in a series on what Harvard scholars are doing to address inequality in the United States. The piece was covered in this issue of U.S. News and World Report.

David Williams on effect of racial bias in health care

In a JAMA opinion piece published last week, David Williams  discussed how societal racial bias contributes to disparities in health care and health status. “The health care system cannot eliminate racial/ethnic disparities in health,” wrote Williams. “Health care professionals need to collaborate with other sectors of society to increase awareness about the health implications of social policies in domains far removed from traditional medical and public health interventions.” Williams also was featured…