Text messages can boost knowledge and help reduce adolescent pregnancy risk in LMICs

A study published in the American Journal of Public Health by Harvard Pop Center faculty members Jessica Cohen, PhD, Joshua A. Salomon, PhD, and Günther Fink, PhD, along with lead author Slawa Rokicki, reveals that text-messaging programs can be an effective vehicle through which to increase reproductive health knowledge and reduce pregnancy risk among sexually active adolescent girls in Ghana. The study’s findings are referenced in this Washington Post editorial.

To reduce maternal mortality, community cash transfers may be more effective than household

Harvard Pop Center faculty members Jessica Cohen, PhD, and Margaret McConnell, PhD, are authors on a paper published in Social Science & Medicine that examines the effectiveness of different types of cash transfer programs in reducing maternal mortality. The researchers suggest that both community and household cash transfer programs need to be better designed and implemented to maximize impact. Photo: www.401kcalculator.org

Postnatal health checkups at home by community health workers benefit mothers and babies in Kenya

Harvard Pop Center faculty members Margaret McConnell, PhD, and Jessica Cohen, PhD, are authors on a study published in BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth that suggests that home visits by community health workers within first three days of child birth are an effective and affordable way to help new mothers flag postnatal health issues for themselves and their babies, and make it more likely that they seek care. Photo: Diana Robinson,…

Focus groups in Uganda shed light on ways to increase diagnostic testing of malaria

Harvard Pop Center faculty members Jessica Cohen, PhD, and Günther Fink, PhD, are co-authors on a paper published in Malaria Journal that explores ways to boost demand for diagnostic testing of malaria, particularly in the private (retail) sector.