How can we safeguard health despite deregulation of federal food policies?

Head shot of Sara Bleich

Sara Bleich, PhD, has penned a discussion in Preventive Medicine that outlines some of the recent changes made to nutritional policies as a result of deregulation efforts by the current federal administration. She emphasizes the important role that state governments and public health departments can and should play in implementing nutritional policies to safeguard people’s health.

Does income level have impact on one’s response to calorie menu labeling?

Harvard Pop Center affiliated faculty member Jason Block, MD, MPH, and former Harvard RWJF scholar Christina Roberto, PhD, have published a Reply in JAMA in response to a letter that raises the issue of calorie labeling across socioeconomic backgrounds. The letter was in response to their September 3 Viewpoint entitled “Potential Benefits of Calorie Labeling in Restaurants.”