Latin American migrants in Spain: Assessing impact of economic expansion and recession on head of household status

There tends to be an increase in male migration into Spain during times of economic expansion, and during recessions, there is a rise in women as head of households. A study co-authored by Xiana Bueno, PhD, a sociologist and the Marie Skłodowska Curie Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University, closely examines the nature of these demographic characteristics.

Health problems increase risk of Hurricane Katrina survivors living in poor neighborhoods

A study published in PNAS by Pop Center Yerby Fellow Mariana Arcaya, ScD,  Faculty Members S V Subramanian (Subu), PhD, and Mary C. Waters, PhD, and colleague explores health as a determinant of neighborhood attainment (as opposed to the more typical theme of neighborhood effects on health) amongst Hurricane Katrina survivors.

Temporary migration and epidemiology trends in rural South Africa

Harvard Pop Center affiliated faculty Kathleen Kahn and Stephen Tollman have co-authored a study that finds that in the Agincourt sub-district of northeast South Africa, temporary migration (migrants relocating mainly for work purposes and remaining linked to the rural household) is more important than age and gender in explaining variations in mortality, whatever the cause. The study suggests that public health policies should account for population mobility, and that the…