Children with complicated births found to be at increased risk of eviction

Newborn baby sleeps on the forearm of a man

A study finds that babies who were low-birth weight, experienced a lengthy hospital stay, or were born prematurely were at increased risk of experiencing eviction later in childhood. Harvard Pop Center Director Lisa F. Berkman and Visiting Scientist Mariana Arcaya are authors, as well as Gabriel L Schwartz, Kathryn M Leifheit, and Jarvis T Chen. Image: Pixabay

Pregnant women exposed to increased threat of eviction within their county at greater risk of premature birth, lower birth weight

Eviction notice taped to a door

Harvard Pop Center graduate student affiliate Aayush Khadka, MS, faculty member Margaret McConnell, PhD, and colleagues Günther Fink, PhD, and Ashley Gromis, PhD, have published a paper that advances the growing body of evidence linking threatened evictions with poor health outcomes. Photo: David Jackmanson on Flickr

Study finds populations targeted during presidential campaign — and beyond — have had an increase in preterm births in New York City

Head shot of Nancy Krieger

Nancy Krieger, PhD, is lead author on a short report published in Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health that has found an increase in preterm births among immigrant Hispanic and Muslim women during a period post-inauguration of President Trump. Learn more in this piece in Vox. The findings suggest that sociopolitical stressors may contribute to risk of preterm birth among targeted populations.