Papers in progress

Papers planned:

Papers in progress:

  • “The psychometric journey of the PPIC survey through 2015”
  • “The Patient Perceptions of Integrated Care survey: Establishing a National Evidence Base”
  • “Achieving Care Integration from the Patients’ Perspective: Results from a Care Management Program” comparing perceptions of CMP patients to patients receiving standard care (Fryer et al.)
  • “Patient Perceptions of Integrated Care and their Relationship to Utilization of Health Services” showing perceptions of more integrated care relate to lower utilization, especially in outpatient settings, but for some factors the inverse was true (Fryer et al.)
  • “Translating the PPIC to measure integrated care in the Netherlands: Combining equivalence and contextualization approaches for optimal results” (Tietschert et al.)

Available on request.