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Leaders in Health

The Leaders in Health (LIH) program strengthens community nutrition and physical activity initiatives through introductory training in public health research and science.


Leaders in Health Implementation Guide: This step-by-step guide is designed to help public health organizations and universities strengthen the capacity of community nutrition and physical activity initiatives by implementing the Leaders in Health (LIH) curriculum, which provides introductory training in public health research and science for community health practitioners.

Play Across Boston

basketball (basketball_000000191924xsmall.jpg)This research project was comprehensive community-based assessment of youth sports and physical activity resources in Boston to understand how community resources and individual and household characteristics combine to influence levels of physical activity.


The Play Across Boston research team welcomes other cities and towns to look at recreational programs and facilities for its young people. If you and/or your organization plan to use these data sources in the Boston area, permission must be received from the authors prior to use:
– Play Across Boston Facility Survey
– Play Across Boston Student Survey
– Play Across Boston 2000 Program Survey

Neighborhood Series Fact Sheets
These active fact sheets detail the types of sports and programs young people were participating in, as well as the availability of recreational facilities, by neighborhood according to the Play Across Boston baseline assessment:
Allston-Brighton | Central Boston | Charlestown | Dorchester | East Boston | Hyde Park  | Jamaica Plain | Mattapan | Roslindale | Roxbury South Boston | West Roxbury

Youth Task Force

YTF 2011 400x300 (ytf_2011_400x300.jpg)A group of Boston high school students who conducted research projects that informed the work of the HPRC and its community partners.


Youth Task Force Student Literature Reviews
– Youth/Adult Partnership Models
– Research Methods Used by Youth

Massachusetts Joint Use Toolkit

toolkit page 1Tools

The Massachusetts Joint Use Toolkit is a how-to guide for community members seeking to access public buildings and spaces afterhours so residents can exercise and engage in other recreational activities. This Toolkit helps communities maximize the use of schools, playgrounds, parks, libraries, and town halls, by offering children and their families a safe, familiar place to get fit. The Toolkit describes the process of sharing space from A to Z; it addresses location, funding, safety, and liability, and provides a Model Joint Use Agreement that communities can use to safely open unused spaces to the public.