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OSNAP LogoThe Out of School Nutrition and Physical Activity (OSNAP) was designed to develop healthy habits related to healthy foods, drinks, and physical activity through sustainable policy and environmental strategies during out of school time programs. Tools and trainings for after school programs are available free of charge below, and on the OSNAP website.


Training Materials
OSNAP Interactive Online Learning Community
– Guides for Writing After-School Wellness Policies

Out of School Time Program Goals
– Healthy Places, Healthy Kids Poster

-Tip Sheets (all): Fruits & Vegetables, Turn Off that Screen!, Physical Activity, Water, Water Everywhere!,  Say “No” to Trans Fat!, Whole Grains, Sugar-Sweetened Beverages, Healthy Staff, Healthy Kids! 

– Fast Maps (all) for: Improving Fruit & Vegetable Consumption, Improving Moderate Physical Activity, Improving Vigorous Physical Activity, Eliminating Trans Fats, Reducing Screen Time, Improving Water Consumption, Promoting Whole Grains, Eliminating Sugary Drinks from Snacks Served

Additional resources for healthy snacks and beverages
Additional resources for Physical Activity

Food & Fun

foodfunveggies-kidslogoA curriculum designed to develop healthy habits out of school time. Eleven teaching units help programs infuse healthy snacks and recipes, physically active games, and creative learning activities into regular program schedules. Curriculum materials are available free of charge below and on the Food & Fun website.


Download the complete 600-page Food & Fun curriculum, which includes all units, planning tools, recipes, and parent materials.

– Food & Fun curriculum, unit-by-unit:
Unit 1: Fruits and Vegetables—Take a Bite!
Unit 2: Physical Activity—Get Moving!
Unit 3: Sugar Sweetened Drinks—Be Sugar Smart!
Unit 4: Healthy and Unhealthy Fats—Go For the Good!
Unit 5: Whole Grains—Go for Whole Grains!
Unit 6: Healthy Snacking—Super Snacks!
Unit 7: Fruits and Vegetables—Mix It Up!
Unit 8: Reduce TV Viewing—Tune Out the TV!
Unit 9: Physical Activity—Play Hard!
Unit 10: Hydration—Be Active, Stay Cool!
Unit 11: Food & Fun Finale!

Staff TrainingFood & Fun has several training strategies to help afterschool staff learn about and implement the curriculum, including a training video. Trainings teach participants about the health topics covered in the curriculum and introduce folks to the variety of materials and resources available. The trainings also incorporate opportunities for staff to discuss the importance of nutrition and physical activity and make plans for implementation.

Staff planning tools for creating healthy changes in out-of-school settings

Newsletter articles, ideas for communicating program messages with families, and parent handouts