Elena Savoia, MD, MPH

Dr. Savoia is a Principal Scientist in Biostatistics and a medical doctor by training. During the past fifteen years, Dr. Savoia has been leading research and training activities at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health focused on public health emergency preparedness. She is the co-director of the Emergency Preparedness Research, Evaluation & Practice (EPREP) Program for which she has been P.I. of over twenty research and training projects. She is also the founder of the Community Safety branch where she directs research projects focused on youth violence, violent extremism, and the evaluation of reintegration programs for terrorist offenders. She has devoted her professional life to the use of evaluation methods to measure systems’ capabilities in response to large-scale emergencies, and in recent years in evaluating the impact of programs designed to prevent violent extremism and online hate. Her work has focused on the advancement of evaluation science to assess the elements of a public health system that lead to a successful response and the population-based factors and workforce training and characteristics that may improve the capacity and resiliency of public health systems and communities. Dr. Savoia’s portfolio of activities includes projects sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Department of Homeland Security, National Institute of Justice, World Health Organization, and North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Access Dr. Savoia’s full CV.