Community Safety Evaluation Lab

The EPREP Program is leading a portfolio of projects focused on community safety ranging from school safety, online risky behaviors, reintegration efforts and evaluation of countering violent extremism programs. We believe that any act of violence is an assault on the health of the public regardless of the reasons and ways the violence is perpetrated. Violence is of public health concern, and disciplines such as social science, law, epidemiology, behavioral science and risk-communication, commonly used to tackle public health problems, can successfully contribute to addressing violence and improve community safety. Our work helps inform the development of policies and interventions based on sound scientific evidence on the nature, causes, and consequences of violence with focus on youth violence and violent extremism. We study youth’s attitudes, online behaviors and experience with discrimination and exposure to violence. We provide technical assistance and training to organizations interested in improving prevention programs and design research studies to study factors associated with youth’s violent behaviors. Continue reading about Community Safety