Anne Lusk

Anne Lusk




Dr. Lusk's research has focused on comfortable and safe environments that will motivate women, children, seniors, parents with children on their bicycles, and individuals of color, with lower incomes, and from the world to bicycle. She has over 38 years of experience designing, permitting, and funding bicycle facilities and delivering keynotes, consulting, and conducting research on bicycle facilities.

Dr. Lusk's Ph.D. in Architecture included Environment and Behavior (how people perceive and use space) and Urban Planning (how environments can be built based on policy). Bicycle research involves the associations between policy ->environment -> bicycling behavior -> health outcomes -> costs. Her expertise is bicycle environments and she partners with individuals in public health and related fields to explore the associations between bicycle environments and policy, behavior, costs and health as related to weight control, mobile source air pollution exposure, injury, crashes, crime, motivation, environmental preferences, car and bike parking, electric vehicle recharging, Alzheimer's disease, sustainability, equity, Climate Change, trees, and joy.

119th Point of Light for creating the Stowe Recreation Path
President George H. W. Bush

National Voluntary Service Award
National Recreation and Park Association

Enjoy Outdoors America Award
U.S. Department of the Interior

National Finalist Take Pride in America Award
U.S. Department of the Interior

Martin L. King Service and Leadership Award
University of Michigan

Lifetime Achievement Award
Congress for New Urbanism New England

Lifetime Achievement Award
Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals



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