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Cesar Gomes Victora

Visiting Scientist

Global Health and Population



Patterns of Growth in Childhood in Relation to Adult Schooling Attainment and Intelligence Quotient in 6 Birth Cohorts in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Evidence from the Consortium of Health-Oriented Research in Transitioning Societies (COHORTS).

Poveda NE, Hartwig FP, Victora CG, Adair LS, Barros FC, Bhargava SK, Horta BL, Lee NR, Martorell R, Mazariegos M, Menezes AMB, Norris SA, Richter LM, Sachdev HS, Stein A, Wehrmeister FC, Stein AD.

J Nutr. 2021 Aug 07. 151(8):2342-2352. PMID: 33982126