Christopher Vincent Carman
Research Associates

Christopher Vincent Carman

Research Associate

Environmental Health


Major Research Interests: Adaptive & Innate Immune Cell Regulation and Trafficking

Specialties: Immunology, Inflammation, Vascular Biology, Immunomodulation, Bioengineering, Targeted Therapies

Our laboratory investigates the basic molecular and cell biological underpinnings of vascular inflammation and peripheral regulation of immune responses with special emphasis on leukocyte-endothelial interactions. Our studies also implement extensive molecular and cellular engineering approaches toward development of new immuno-modulation strategies for use in inflammatory, autoimmune, allogeneic and cancerous diseases.

Recently our studies have further focused on micro-environmental regulation of immunity and development of bioengineering approaches (e.g., in vitro chip, organoid and hypoxia technologies) as innovative platforms for studying tumor biology/immunology and for facilitating drug development.

Specific Topics we are currently investigating include:

The regulation of immune cell activation and migration
Peripheral regulation of adaptive and innate immune responses
Immuno-modulation of transplantation, autoimmunity and cancer
The cytoskeletal and biomechanical regulation of vascular integrity

B.S., 1994, Biochemistry
University of New Hampshire, Durham, N.H.

Ph.D., 1999, Molecular Pharmacology & Structural Biology
Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, P.A.