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Davood Khalili

Lown Scholar

Global Health and Population



Davood Khalili is a faculty member in the Research Institute for Endocrine Sciences, Tehran, Iran (http://endocrine.ac.ir). He is working on cardiometabolic disorders in the framework of large population-based cohort studies and clinical/community/field trials. Clinical prediction models and medical decision making are his main interests with focus on the clinical usefulness of prediction models. He is the head of the Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology in the institute. He is also a board member of the Scientific Association for Public Health in Iran (SAPHIR, http://saphirnetwork.org) and the scientific secretariat of the Iran Cohort Consortium (ICC, http://irancohorts.ir).
He has joined the Department of Global Health and Population as a Lown Scholar in 2017.