Joshua Salomon

Adjunct Professor of Global Health

Global Health and Population



Achieving high quality health care around the globe

March 17, 2017 – Improving people’s access to health care around the world has been a major focus of global health experts in recent years. Now they are turning their attention to the quality of that care—especially in…

Cost-effectiveness panel issues new guidelines

Two decades ago the U.S. Public Health Service convened a panel of non-government scientists and scholars with expertise in economics, clinical medicine, ethics, and statistics to review the state of cost-effectiveness analysis and to develop recommendations for its…

Stopping tuberculosis requires new strategy

Past decades’ reliance on biomedical solutions has not worked; ‘biosocial’ approach needed For immediate release: October 26, 2015 Boston, MA ─ Unless there is a major shift in the way the world fights tuberculosis—from a reliance on biomedical…