Juliana FW Cohen
Adjunct Faculty

Juliana FW Cohen

Adjunct Associate Professor of Nutrition





Why school lunch programs don’t benefit all children

School lunch programs offer an array of benefits for children. They provide low-cost nutritious food, reduce hunger, and help children perform to the best of their abilities in the classroom. But experts say there is more work to…

Watch for added sugars in kids’ diets

Children today are consuming far more sugar than their recommended daily limit—no added sugar for children under two and no more than about six teaspoons for kids up to age 18—mostly due to the omnipresence of sugar in…

Letting kids test healthy lunches

A Massachusetts program that lets schoolchildren try healthy lunches is helping boost the amount of vegetables that kids eat every week, according to experts at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Under Project Bread’s Chefs in Schools…