Visiting Scholars and Scientists

Lucian L. Leape

Visiting Scientist

Health Policy and Management



Like aviation, patient safety needs federal regulation

A new federal agency should be established to oversee patient safety at healthcare facilities to reduce medical errors, Lucian Leape, adjunct professor of health policy at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, said December 10, 2015 at…

Surgical complications are top reason for hospital readmissions

Problems related to surgery—mostly from surgical wound infections—are the most common reason that people wind up readmitted to the hospital, according to a new study. Patient safety expert Lucian Leape says such complications are a significant problem that…

The provocative pragmatist

[ Spring 2014 ] With a mixture of research, persuasion, and social media moxie, Ashish Jha seeks to drive health care improvements Several years ago, Ashish Jha got the call that middle-aged children dread. His mother was on the phone…

Changing the healthcare system’s business model

For those who practice medicine, the fee-for-service business model and “production pressure”—the requirement to see as many patients in as little time as possible—are impediments, according to [[Lucian Leape]], adjunct professor of health policy at Harvard School of…