Phil Demokritou

Department Associate

Environmental Health



Cleaning hands without water

Dirty hands can spread the germs that cause numerous diseases, and these diseases sicken millions worldwide each year. Current hand hygiene practices involve washing with soap and water and using antiseptic hand rubs, but both methods have drawbacks.…

Could a nanofiber help fight the obesity epidemic?

July 13, 2018 — You won’t smell it. You won’t taste it. And you certainly won’t see it. But a nanocellulose material derived from all-natural substances could potentially become a food additive that reduces fat digestion and absorption…

New Center to assess safety of engineered nanomaterials

August 16, 2016—Engineered nanomaterials (ENMs)—which are less than 100 nanometers (one millionth of a millimeter) in diameter—can make the colors in digital printer inks pop and help sunscreens better protect against radiation, among many other applications in industry and…