Expenses and payment


Program cost

For participants beginning in September 2021 and completing the certificate program in May 2022, the tuition is $30,000 for the entire program. The program is completed over nine months. Tuition includes registration fees. A required $350 deposit for admitted participants is applied to the cost of the program.

Payment is due prior to the start of the program. Participants may prepay the full cost of the program at registration.


Tuition includes the cost of curriculum materials and copyright permissions, required instrumentation, and VR headgear, but it does not include textbooks. The program will provide a list of required texts to purchase and potential sources—e.g., Amazon.com or the textbook publisher—well in advance of class start dates.


Breakfast and lunch are provided on the weekends for on-campus sessions, as the School’s cafeteria is closed.

Travel and housing

Travel costs vary by participant location. With advance booking, most participants are able to purchase flights for around $300 per trip to Boston.

One of the largest expenses for out-of-town participants is housing. Some participants choose to share accommodations or to stay in modest bed and breakfasts while others prefer luxury hotels with business centers. Please see the housing section for suggestions.

Payment information

Payment options

Harvard University requires that tuition and fees be paid in full prior to enrolling each term, unless students enroll in the Monthly Payment Plan, which allows participants to pay tuition and fees in monthly installments each semester. The cost for the Monthly Payment Plan is $35 per semester. Participants who are negligent in making their monthly payments during one term may not be permitted to use the plan in subsequent terms. To enroll or cancel enrollment, please call 617-495-2739 for assistance from a Harvard University Student Accounts representative. For more information on the plan, please visit the University Student Financial Services website.

At their request, participants may prepay the full program tuition.

Account balance information

Participants can check their current account balance by logging in at my.harvard.edu.

Third-party contracts

Participants are encouraged to seek organizational sponsorship from their current employer or another source, but sponsorship is not a requirement of the program. In the past, participants in comparable programs who have not received formal sponsorship have been able to negotiate release time or salary increases to offset the cost of the program.

Sponsors, employers, or third-party organizations should complete the online third-party contract form after reading the instructions on the Office of Financial Aid’s website. For the form and complete information on third-party billing, please click here.

Financial aid

Certificate in Public Health and Business Leadership participants are not eligible for federal student aid (federal loans, Federal Work Study) due to the part-time nature of the program. Institutional grant/scholarship support is not available for this program.