Public Health Practice Resources

Interested in hosting a student to provide support to a meaningful project at your organization?

If the answer is yes, you are in the right place! A Practicum serves as a structured and significant educational experience that takes place in an agency, institution, or community. This experience is intended to give students the opportunity to turn theory into practice by developing professional skills in a public health setting and addressing the needs of the organization. Students work in a public health area or discipline, or on special projects related to the organization’s need and the student’s area of concentration. The purpose is to further or complete their graduate education in public health.

Have a Practicum Project in mind?

To advertise a project to our students, you need to first set up an account in Harvard Chan CareerConnect. Current students have 24/7 access to our Practicum listings and we proactively advertise new postings to our community.

Register for an Employer Account (Already have an account? Click here.)

  1. Complete and submit our Employer Registration Form.
    1. Enter a valid business email address and company website.
    2. Be aware that your name and contact information will be viewable to career advancement staff only, unless otherwise specified.
    3. Once your registration has been reviewed and approved by the Practice Team, you will receive a confirmation message with login details.
    4. Employer Accounts are approved in one to two business days.

How to post a Practicum Project to Harvard Chan CareerConnect after logging in

Please complete one form for each practicum project.

  1. In the right hand side bar under Practice/Field Immersion select “Practicum Project Form (Masters Students)”.
  2. Under Position Type, select “Practicum Project (Masters Students)” which will bring you to the correct form. Fill in all required fields and select Submit. Note that Practicum Projects can be saved as a draft by selecting “Save and Finish Later.” This gives you the opportunity to continue to work on it until you feel it is ready to post.
  3. The Practicum Project will be viewable to the students at the posting date after approval by the Practice Team. Approval for positions may take up to 48 hours.