Examples of Practice Posters

Many public health practitioners are familiar with the traditional academic poster, and you have probably seen many effective and beautifully designed posters. You have probably also seen some badly designed posters which may have had wonderful content that you never learned about because the sloppy or busy design made you work too hard. Consider how a practice poster can be different from an academic poster and feel free to adjust the typical poster structure to best convey your practice experience. You’ll see that the headers in the examples below are somewhat different than those in academic posters.

Mass Health Connector Outreach and Enrollment
Example 1: This poster uses the title bar and simple but straightforward 3-column format. The color theme is pleasing, and interesting visuals are included in each column. The organization information and logo is included in the bottom right, which is less common, but can work especially well if there are more than two collaborating organizations that need to be credited.
Perinatal Health - Ariadne
Example 2: The map and diagrams are strong features of this poster and are given enough space to convey the needed information. The map is stretched neatly across two columns in a block. Although the lower half of the poster includes mostly text, bullets and a table organize the information well.
Y Bank
Example 3: The white space and airy design of this poster are a breath of fresh air compared to many dense academic posters. The colors are inviting and consistent across the graphic elements. The amount of information being conveyed would be manageable in a ten minute presentation or conversation.