Fellowship Award

Fellowship Requirements

Successful applicants will receive a notice of award from the Dean’s Office. Fellows are required to submit a signed Fellowship Acceptance Form and complete the vendor setup on Harvard Supplier Portal in order to receive the Fellowship stipend.

Fellowship Commitments
  • Attend both orientation and debrief sessions designed to cultivate a community of learning for Fellows. These meetings are in person.
  • Participate in program workshops.
  • Journal and reflect on the role as a learner in the field.
  • Engage with other Fellows to create a learning community within the cohort.
  • Submit written reports (e.g., progress report, final report).
  • Attend meetings with the donor including an annual seminar to present on service learning experience with the larger School community.
Fellows traveling abroad should ensure the following are complete:

IMPORTANT: All Rose Service Learning Fellows intending to travel must comply with University travel policies. Items below can be found on the Harvard Global Support Services (GSS) website.

Payments for project expenses in your budget are the responsibility of the awardee. Students should discuss any logistics about any relevant project expenses with the host organization to address any questions or issues in advance.