About Community Engaged Learning Fellowships

At Harvard Chan, community engaged learning and scholarship serves an important role in public health education, offering students an opportunity to explore and exercise ethical and authentic engagement with community partners and stakeholders. Based on a service learning framework, students engage in their applied practice experience and research endeavors through a process of listening to learn, self-reflection, and attention to contexts and social systems – critical skills in public health practice and leadership development.

Community engaged learning and scholarship:

  • is developed, implemented, and evaluated in collaboration with community;
  • responds to community-identified concerns;
  • attempts to balance the service that is provided and the learning that takes place;
  • provides opportunities for ongoing critical reflection and examination of social issues while situating the self within a community setting.

Harvard Chan’s Office of Educational Programs offers three fellowship opportunities for students interested in community engaged learning: the Rose Service Learning Fellowship, the Herbert S. Winokur, Jr. Fellowship in Public Health for the Mississippi Delta, and the Global Mental Health Fellowship.

California Indigenous History and Wellness Project

Madison Esposito, MPH-HSB ’21, is a citizen of the Tyme Maidu Tribal Nation in California, focused on supporting, empowering, and improve health and wellness in Native communities.

Quality Pursuits

At a hospital in India, MPH ’19 students Sung Hwi Hong and Sriram Venkitaraman worked side-by-side with doctors to develop a system for measuring quality of care

Coral Reef Health in Kiribati

Haley Barravecchia, SM '20 worked with the Kiribati government and Kiribati government fisheries officersto conduct toxicological assessments of heavy metals present in the water, in the algae, and in the fish