Harvard-Mississippi Delta Fellowship in Public Health

Fellowship Overview

Harvard Chan is part of the Delta Directions Consortium, an interdisciplinary group of academic institutions, community-based organizations, and foundations focused on pursuing improvements in health, food systems, and economic development in the Mississippi Delta Region.

The Harvard-Mississippi Delta Fellowship in Public Health is awarded to Harvard Chan students in support of community-engaged projects that address the health and wellbeing of Mississippians. Fellows join recipients of the Rose Service Learning Fellowship in a community of learning and scholarship.

Fortunate Chifamba and Penny Sun served as our inaugural Harvard-Mississippi Delta Fellows in Public Health. Over summer 2020, Fortunate and Penny worked with the Children’s Foundation of Mississippi (CFM) to develop the first “blueprint” for Mississippi children’s health. The blueprint serves as an overarching plan to improve health and wellbeing for children 0-18 years and is a collaborative effort with participation from state agencies, non-profits, philanthropy, policy makers and parents and family members.

Fortunate Chifamba, MPH-65 (Global Health) with concentration in Maternal and Child Health through the MCH Center of Excellence. My interests include improving maternal, child and adolescent health especially in African countries through informing policies and contributing to research in these areas.



Penny Sun, MPH-65 (Global Health) is interested in health inequities, health systems, and social innovation. Before starting my program, I worked with HMS’s Vietnam office for six months on medical education and primary health care and on basic tuberculosis research at the Broad Institute for two years.



Under the leadership of the Dean’s Office, the school’s involvement includes: 1) providing introductory public health training to undergraduate students from Mississippi as part of the Delta Scholars program, 2) catalyzing research collaborations between Harvard faculty and Mississippi based organizations and institutions, and 3) engaging Harvard Chan students in Mississippi based field practice and research opportunities.