Compensation for Practicum

Although organizations are not required to compensate students for their Practicum because it is a degree requirement, students may be compensated and the School encourages host organizations to do so whenever possible. We encourage an open conversation and a creative approach to student compensation.

These conversations can be challenging for students and preceptors alike, particularly when they involve non-profit or governmental agencies, whose budgets may be smaller or less flexible, with constraints outside the control of the preceptor.

Below are some examples of student compensation arrangements:

  1. Hourly rate for all hours worked OR a percentage of hours worked
  2. Federal Work Study funds may be used for practicum if the student is eligible. See more details here.
  3. Dormitory or other housing for projects outside the Boston area
  4. Stipend
  5. Grant funding for full project or for a portion of time allocated toward grant-related work
  6. End of fiscal year expenses
  7. Local transportation or meals per diem