Integrative Learning Experience

Consider that the MPH program is a “year (or more) of change” for you as a public health professional. The Integrative Learning Experience (ILE), previously referred to as the Culminating Experience, is an opportunity for you to demonstrate the development of your public health competencies at the end of the academic program compared to a self-assessment you complete at the beginning of the program. You will have developed these competencies and grown professionally in a variety of ways: academic coursework, your Practicum, extracurricular projects or activities, networking, and so on.

In addition to the Practicum, all MPH students must demonstrate this professional growth through an Integrative Learning Experience requirement (previously referred to as Culminating Experience), which is embedded within the Practice course for most fields of study. While each field of study may vary slightly in requirements for the Integrative Learning Experience, all students must show that they have met the competencies outlined by the school. This may be a final product, presentation, or a combination  of both, depending on the field of study.

As part of the ILE requirement, students will self-assess their competencies when they enter their program, and again when they complete their Practice course. The ILE requirement is met by completing these self-assessments and related writing assignments and/or presentations which are evaluated by faculty, which demonstrate how you are applying your learning both within the classroom and outside the classroom and your professional plans to enhance your strengths while addressing challenging areas.

Ultimately, the Integrative Learning Experience is designed to foster a spirit of lifelong learning and professional growth in your public health competencies through objective and subjective assessment, reflection, and action.