Meghana Iragavarapu

Meghana Sai Iragavarapu is a first-year MPH student at Harvard Chan, specializing in nutrition policy. With a robust foundation in health policy and law, her work spans research and advocacy in food justice, digital health, and combating nutritional disparities. Her experience includes past roles in clinical research, policy formulation, and community engagement, underscoring her dedication to using “food as medicine” to advance integrated healthcare solutions.

Meghana will be deeply involved in shaping the Delta Health Center’s Maternal and Child Health (MCH) program by coordinating with a diverse team of healthcare professionals to seamlessly integrate clinical care, outreach, and resilience training into a comprehensive service model. The program is structured around three Pillars of Care, focusing on clinical collaborations with nurse midwives and nutritionists, outreach initiatives including home and clinic visits by Maternal Health Workers, and resilience programs emphasizing mental, physical, and spiritual health. Additionally, Meghana will conduct surveys with program participants and staff, lead focus groups with mothers, and establish an MCH Advisory Board, all aimed at enhancing maternal health services and preparing a funding proposal for the Kellogg Foundation.