About Us

Our Mission


Conduct research on promoting post-pandemic resilience and sustainability in health, the economy, and the environment in the Americas region by collaborating with other regional hubs, and the Commission’s research partners.


Create a strong Americas network of commissioners, advisors, and research partners to review research on local responses to the pandemic, identify the most important lessons learned, and present recommendations that can shape future global and local policy.


Connect with local and regional communities through events that gather thought leaders on health, economics, and sustainability to discuss the findings of the Hub’s research and amplify the Commission’s work.


About Americas Hub

North and South america mapThe Americas Hub aims to embody collaboration among experts in academia, politics, business, and civil society to share insights and recommendations from the region, giving a voice to thought leaders and experts from across the Americas in the global conversation on building more resilient local and international communities. The lessons learned in the Americas can be instrumental to helping the world emerge from the pandemic better prepared to face future crises.



Dean Williams“I believe in reason for hope. Together, we can build a better future. Nations can choose to act and invest collectively to improve our fragmented approach to global health security.”

Michelle A. Williams, Co-Chair, Reform for Resilience Commission