Building healthier, more resilient societies to tackle global threats

August 2, 2022 – The Reform for Resilience Commission (R4R) has a lofty goal—to help ensure healthier and resilient growth everywhere amid dire global threats such as COVID-19 and climate changePatricia Geli, a former World Bank economist and research scientist in Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s Department of Global Health and Population, is executive director of R4R’s Americas Hub and Secretariat, both based at the School. Here, she discusses the Commission’s work.
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ESG is not enough. It’s time to add an H

March 2022
More than a decade of sustained focus on ESG principles has driven substantial change: Nearly all the world’s largest companies now disclose their impact on the environment and proudly tout their sustainability efforts.
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A plan to rebuild commerce and hope in Central America

December 2021
An op-ed published in The Hill about the Partnership for Central America and the steps we need to take to materially improve the lives of millions of our neighbors across the region.
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