Ramiro Guerrero

Takemi Fellow

Department of Global Health and Population

Economist with a trajectory in health economics, health systems and policy analysis, and experience in research and policy making. Studied economics (Universidad de los Andes, Colombia), with masters degree in Environmental Economics (University of Maryland at College Park) and in Economic Policy (Université d´Auvergne, France) and further doctoral level courses at Harvard University. Has worked in Colombia as research associate at Fedesarrollo (a leading economic policy Think Tank), and Economics Editor at Semana. Between 2004 and 2007 served as Deputy Minister of Social Protection in Colombia, in charge of health system financing, information systems and planning. Joined the Harvard Initiative for Global Health in 2007 as research fellow working, on health metrics and health system performance evaluation. In early 2009 joined the Harvard Global Equity Initiative as research director. In August 2010 assumed the role of founding Director of PROESA – Research Center for Social Protection and Health Economics in Colombia. In 2016 has joined the Harvard School of Public Health as visiting fellow.