Sites of Note


  • Training in Neurostatistics and Neuroepidemiology: Dr. Betensky is Principal Investigator of an NINDS sponsored pre-doctoral and post-doctoral T32 training program in statistical and epidemiological methods for the study of neurologic diseases and basic neuroscience. The training program sponsors a weekly working group
  • Diversity Programs in Biostatistics: Dr. Betensky directs the departments efforts in increasing diversity, including a summer program for undergraduates in quantitative public health.
  • Harvard Catalyst Biostatistics Program: Dr. Betensky directs the Harvard Catalyst Biostatistics Program, which supports the statistical needs for design and analysis planning of Harvard clinical and translational investigators. Drawing on a team of highly skilled biostatisticians from the Harvard academic and hospital community, the program offers consultations on a range of topics to researchers as they design new studies.  Request a consultation here.
  • Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center (HNDC) Biostatistics Consultation:  Dr. Betensky directs the Biostatistics Consultation service for the HNDC.  This service provides long-term statistical collaboration to HNDC investigators, including grant support, study design, data analysis.
  • Massachusetts Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (MADRC): Dr. Betensky Co-Directs the Data Management and Statistics Core for the MADRC, which supports research in Alzheimer’s disease, including longitudinal studies with imaging, biomarkers, and neuropsychological measurements, and basic science studies.
  • Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center Program in Biostatistics and Computational Biology: Dr. Betensky co-leads this program, which fosters fundamental and targeted research into the mathematical and computational questions in statistical science that arise in cancer research.