Harvard Chan Reel Epi Student Organization

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the organization is to provide a forum for exchange of epidemiologic themes and concepts as seen in film between Harvard Chan students and faculty across all departments. We choose to watch films that pertain to topics in epidemiology and public health and discuss how these topics fit in with concepts we learn in our courses and in the real world. The main objectives are 1) to put epidemiology in context of the observed and unobserved counterfactual worlds that are seen in movies, 2) to expand dialogue across departments at Harvard Chan with the specific goals of expanding membership, publicizing events to each department, and inviting guest speakers from various departments, and 3) to have 2-3 events per semester to watch movies of interest to students at Harvard Chan with food and drinks.


Upcoming Holiday Event: Screening and discussion of Love Actually on Monday, December 8th at 5:45pm in the Joseph B Martin Lounge in Vanderbilt Hall.


Position Title: President
Student Name: Sarah Lucht
Harvard email address: sal413@mail.harvard.edu

Position Title: Vice President
Student Name: Rory Stewart
Harvard email address: ros380@mail.harvard.edu

Position Title: Treasurer
Student Name: Samantha Molsberry
Harvard email address: sam306@mail.harvard.edu