Governing Agencies and Ethics Review Structure

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Points to Consider – Investigators

  • Health Research Capacity Strengthening Initiative (HRCSI) hosted by NCST, aims to strengthen the capacity for generation of new health research knowledge within Malawi and improve its use in evidence based decision making, policy formulation and implementation
  • The National Research Council of Malawi (NRCM) oversees all research activities in Malawi and NHRC reviews the protocols of the research studies
  • COMREC reviews proposals from the College of Medicine and Kamuzu College of Nursing, all others including these are reviewed by NHSRC
  • NHSRC or COMREC reviews the scientific design, recruitment of research subjects, care and protection of research subjects, ethical and community considerations and ensures that the researchers abide by the procedures outlined in the approved protocol
  • NHSRC has the responsibility to investigate any violations with respect to code of ethics

Local Research Institutions