Governing Agencies and Guiding Principles

Useful Documents

Investigators’ Points to Consider

  • The Research for Health Africa (R4HA) programme has partnered with the Naitonal Institute of Health in Mozambique and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Eduardo Mondlane
  • The overall expected outputs and outcomes for Mozambique are:
  • Strengthened key governance functions, which include a credible priority setting process, good co-ordination and effective ethical review
  • An operating research for management information system and
  • Strengthened capacity to use the research for management information system for developing research for health in Mozambique.
  • European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) coordinates with national ethics committees in Mozambique to promote training collaboration with African and European networks
  • Site Identification and Development Initiative (SIDI) has been to develop new research sites for HIV prevention research
  • Capacity building: CIDI and CITSC are contributing to national clinical research capacity. They are models of collaboration and leveraging of support across multiple donors
  • A Health Demographic Surveillance Survey (HDSS) is being implemented in Chokwe, housed at CITSC research site and funded by CDC Mozambique

Local Collaborating Institutions