Governing Agencies and Ethics Review Structure


Useful Documents and Points to Consider – Investigators

  • Guidelines for the Norwegian Act on Biobanks (2003) (Norwegian)
  • Regulations on the Processing of Personal Data (2003)
  • Guidelines on Notification for Clinical Investigation of Medical Devices in Norway (2005)
  • Guidelines for the Regulations Concerning Clinical Trials of Human Drugs (1999)
  • Guidelines for research on persons with impaired informed consent capacity (2005)
  • Report on the ethical aspects of population studies (epidemiological research) (2004)
  • Guidelines for ethical evaluation of post-marketing studies (2003)
  • Guidance to the Regulation (2004) (Norwegian)
  • NEM:
  • Research Ethical Review in Norway (1998)
  • Standard Operating Procedures for the Regional Committees for Medical Research Ethics (2002)
  • NESH:
  • Guidelines for Research Ethics in the Social Sciences, Law, and the Humanities (2001)
  • Research Ethics Guidelines for Science and Technology (2007) (Norwegian)

Local Collaborating Institutions